Monday, August 2

Scientific Program

The time included in the scientific program corresponds to Argentina Time (ART) (UTC/GMT -3 hours).

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TCT Session I / Monday 2 - 10:30 to 12:00 (ART) - (UTC -3) - LIVE

SESSION I: The Future of PCI
- Chairpersons: Aníbal Damonte & Alfredo E. Rodríguez
- Digital Moderator: Miguel Larribau
 20' The Future of PCI. Identification and treatment of vulnerable plaque - Gregg Stone
 10' Discussion
 15' State of the Art: Intracoronary Imaging - Gary Mintz
 10' Discussion
 15' DAPT: Today and Beyond - Roxana Mehran
 20' Discussion
- Panelists: Chavarría, Jorge - Feres, Fausto - Fernández, Alejandro Abel - Pérez de la Hoz, Ricardo -Rubilar, Bibiana - Veas, Nicolás

PCR Session / Monday 2 - 12:00 to 13:30 (ART) - (UTC -3) - LIVE

How to manage Coronary Artery Disease in patients with Severe Aortic Stenosis eligible for TAVI?
- Chairperson: Jean Fajadet, Nicolas Dumonteil & Ernesto Ban Hayashi
- Digital Moderator: Gaspar Caponi 
 10' How does Coronary Artery Disease impact decision-making process of the Heart Team for patients with symptomatic severe AS? - Round Table Discussion 
 7' ACTIVATION Trial Results - Tiffany Patterson
 5' FFR assessment of coronary stenosis found in patients eligible for a TAVI procedure: how does AS influence the measurements? Better to assess FFR before or after TAVI? - Flavio Ribichini
 5' How to implement those results in every-day clinical practice? What about ostial RCA, LM or proximal LAD lesions? - Round Table discussion
 3' Summary
How to predict, how to avoid peri-procedural coronary obstruction during a TAVI procedure?
 10' How to predict peri-procedural coronary obstruction during TAVI - Nicolas Dumonteil
 7' Chimney stenting technique: technique overview and results of the International registry  -  Darren Mylotte
 7' BASILICA: technique and outcomes overview - Mohamed Abdel-Wahab
 6' Summary
How to solve technical issues during PCI in a patient with a transcatheter heart valve previously implanted
 7' PCI after TAVI, is it a frequent issue, what are the outcomes? - Marco Barbanti
 3' Round table discussion
 7' My Tips and Tricks for performing a PCI in a patient having been treated by TAVI - Didier Tchétché
 7' Rationale and simple technique to achieve commissural alignment during your TAVI procedure  - Lars Sondergard
 5' Final Conclusion
- Panelists: Abdalla Saad, Jamil - Belardi, Jorge - Berrocal, Daniel - Gutiérrez Jaikel, Luis - Maluenda, Gabriel - Montenegro, Marcio 

Oral presentation – Structural I / Monday 2 - 14:00 to 15:30 
(ART) - (UTC -3) - LIVE

-Chairperson: Mario Fernández
 12' Comunicación interventricular adquirida y cierre percutáneo: experiencia en la técnica intervencional y seguimiento alejado - Cataldo Pabla
 12' Implante de TAVI en EAo severa de una Válvula Bicúspide - Esteban López Marinaro
 12' Percutaneous closure of atrial septal defect in a patient with anomalous systemic venous drainage using an unusual vascular access - Sergio Gustavo Tarbine
 12' Implante de válvula mitral transeptal em insuficiência cardíaca descompensada por rotura de folheto da bioprótese. Nova opção terapêutica. - Bernardo Kremer, Diniz Goncalves
 12' Resultados del implante de válvula aórtica percutánea "valve in valve" en dos centros de Argentina. - Carlos Giuliani
 12' Hemólisis severa post cierre de leak perivalvular Mitral por vía transapical que requirió reintervención por vía transeptal. - Marcelo Andrés Agüero
 12' An Echocardiography-based Weighted Risk Score (EWRS) to predict post-PTMC mitral regurgitation using machine learning techniques - observations from a large-volume tertiary care centre in South India - Prayaag Kini
- Panelists: Gómez Moreno, José - Pavlovsky, Hernán - Payaslián, Miguel - Sapino, Roberto - Scuteri, Antonio - Villagra, Lorena

Oral presentation – Coronary I / Monday 2 - 15:30 to 17:00 (ART) - (UTC -3) - LIVE

Chairperson: Ricardo Sarmiento
 12' Long term Clinical Outcomes after Implantation of Absorb BVS in a Real World Setting, with pre dilatation and Guided by Intravascular Imaging - Sergio Gustavo Tarbine
 12' Comparación del abordaje radial distal y radial convencional en angioplastia coronaria. - Edson Levir Alejos Mares
 12' Ad hoc PCI for chronic total occlusions: feasible without adverse events - Ricardo Andrés Constantini
 12' Angioplastia urgente a arteria descendente anterior tipo IV de SPINDOLA FRANCO en bifurcación con coronaria derecha - Luciano Dzul Gutiérrez
 12' Add NewORal Colchine in Argentina (ORCA trial): Randomized comparison between colchicine plus BMS versus DES -2 in prevention of adverse events after PCI - Camila Correa Sadouet
 12' Síndrome coronario agudo con elevación del segmento ST en la ciudad de Buenos Aires: evolución en los tiempos a la angioplastia y mortalidad durante 20 años de experiencia en un hospital público - Miguel Federico Albornóz
 18' Discussion
- Panelists: Alcocer, Marco Antonio - Allín, Jorge - Bernardi, Víctor - Pacheco, Guillermo - Peralta-Bazán, Francisco - Rifurcart, Ignacio - Rubilar, Bibiana

SCAI Session / Monday 2 18:00 to 19:30 (ART) - (UTC -3) - LIVE

-Chairpersons: Steven R Bailey & Cindy Grines
 5' Introduction- Steven Bailey
 10' STEMI: Approach to Left Main Culprit - Timothy Henry
 5' Q&A
 10' Gender Disparities in STEMI - Cindy Grines
 5' Q&A
 5' Optimal DAPT Post Complex PCI - George Dangas
 5' Q&A
 10' PCI or CABG for Left Main Disease: How do we Choose in 2021 - Gregg Stone
 10' Q&A
 5' Physiologic Lesion Assessment to Optimize Multivessel Disease - Arnold Seto
 5' Q&A
 10' Mitral Regurgitation: Clasp, Grasp or Replace - Ruby Satpathy
 5' Closing Statements - Cindy Grines
- Panelists: Bernal, Oscar - Echevarria Pinto, Mauro - Palacios, Alejandro - Pocoví, Antonio - Ribeiro, Expedito - Sarmiento, Ricardo


SIEMENS HEALTHINEERS SYMPOSIUM / Monday 2 - 19:30 to 20:30 (ART) (UTC -3) - LIVE
PCI image guidance and robotic automation for precise treatment
  Treatment with and innovative image guidance tools (Artis Icono) - Taishi Hirai
  Robotic treatment (CorPath GRX) - Taishi Hirai
- Panelists: Aníbal Damonte - Alejandro Fernández - José Álvarez - Juan Mieres - Pedro Lemos