Tuesday, August 3 

XI ProEducar course for interventionists in training

The time included in the scientific program corresponds to Argentina Time (ART) (UTC/GMT -3 hours).

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Course Director: Leandro Lasave (Argentina). Associated Directors: José Mangione (Brazil) / Gabriel Maluenda (Chile) / Alfredo Rodríguez (Argentina)/ Diego Grinfeld (Argentina)

MODULE I: Vascular Accesses (ART) - (UTC -3)

- Coordinators: Ricardo Costa, Leandro Lasave
- Digital Moderator: Nicolás Zaderenko
 17' Conventional Radial Access and Its Alternatives. When to Use Them and How - Sebastián Peralta
 5' Comments
 12' How to Achieve a Safe Femoral Access for Large Devices Step by Step -  Fernando Bernardi
 5' Comments
 12' Percutaneous Closure Devices. When to Use Them and How. Educational Cases  - Mauricio Cavalieri
 5' Comments
 12' Recognizing and Treating Vascular Complications  - Yigal Piña Reyna
 5' Comments

MODULE 2: Complex Coronary Intervention. Educational Clinical Cases (ART) - (UTC -3)

- Coordinators: Hugo Londero , Gabriel Maluenda
 15' Clinical Case 1: Helpfulness of Invasive Imaging in the Cath Lab. - José de Ribamar Costa
 10' Discussion
 15' Clinical Case 2: Calcified Lesion Interventions. Rotablator, Cutting Balloon, Lithotripsy? - Franklin Hanna
 5' Discussion
 15' Clinical Case 3: How to Approach a Bifurcation Lesion. Which is the Best Option? - Mario Araya  
 5' Discussion
 15' Clinical Case 4: LMCA Treatment. How to Simplify a Complex Situation. - Fernando Kozak  
 5' Discussion
 10' Final Comment

MODULE 3: Clinical Session for Interventionists (ART) - (UTC -3)

- Coordinators: Ricardo Lluberas, Gustavo Pedernera
- Digital Moderator: Hugo José Londero
 12' Coronary Intervention in Intermediate Lesions. The Million-Dollar Question: To Intervene or to Treat? - Carlos Collet
 5' Comments
 12' Coronary Intervention in Patients with Stable Angina. When and Why?  - Pedro Beraldo de Andrade
 5' Comments
 12' Interventions in Diabetic Patients with Multivessel Disease. Evidence for a Better Intervention. - Alejandro Goldsmit  
 5' Comments
 12' Acute Coronary Syndrome with ST-Segment Elevation and Multivessel Disease. Complete Revascularization?  - Christian Dauvergne
 5' Comments
 12' Ideal Antiplatelet Therapy After Coronary Interventions. When and for How Long?  - Gerardo Zapata
 5' Comments

MODULE 4: Structural Heart Disease: Step by Step (ART) - (UTC -3)

- Coordinators: Daniel Berrocal, Leandro Lasave
- Digital Moderator: Alex Rocha
 10' Aortic Valve Implantation: What Should I Know from a CT Scan? Fundamental Measurements  - Matías Sztejfman
 5' Comments
 15' Practical Demonstration of Aortic Valve Implantation: Self-Expandable and Balloon-Expandable Devices Step by Step.  - Guilherme Attizzani
 5' Comments
 15' How to Perform an Adequate and Safe Transseptal Puncture. Anatomical and Instrumental Lesson Step by Step.  - Juan Granada
 5' Comments
 15' Implantation over Mitral Valve. VIV and VIM. Basic Concepts. Step by Step.  - Mayra Guerrero
 5' Comments
 12' Appendage Closure. Teaching the Technique Step by Step  - Márcio Montenegro
 5' Comments
 30' BREAK  

MODULE 5: Old Territories, New Interventions (ART) - (UTC -3)

- Coordinators: Leandro Lasave, Jamil Abdalla Saad
- Digital Moderator: Ignacio Seropian (Argentina) 
 12' Renal Denervation in High Blood Pressure: Return to the Cath Lab?  - Humberto Casal
 5' Comments
 12' Chronic Thromboembolic Pulmonary Hypertension. Current Clinical Aspects and Treatments  - Juan Pablo Escalante
 12' Hemodynamics and Pulmonary Angiography. How to Not Get Lost in Pulmonary Circulation. - Pablo Spaletra
 15' Endovascular Treatment of CTEPH. Tips, Secrets, and Teachings  - Fabio Solano
 10' Comments
 15' How to Approach Complex Venous Thrombosis. Types of Treatment. Educational Case  - Ricardo Costantini
 9' Comments
 5' Closure  - José Mangione, Leandro Lasave

Sponsored Symposium - 19:30 to 20:30 (ART) (UTC -3) 

MEDALLIANCE SYMPOSIUM / Tuesday, August 3, 7:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. (ART) (UTC -3) - LIVE
SELUTION SLR DEB – Changing the Treatment Paradigm for Complex Lesions
- Chairperson: Alexandre Abizaid
  When and why to use DEBs and the importance of sustained limus release - Ron Waksman
  SELUTION SLR Clinical Data Overview  - Ricardo Costa
  Real World Case Experience: a new treatment strategy with sustained limus release DEB - Florim Cuculi
- Panelists: Damonte, Aníbal - Dussaillant, Gastón - Wainstein, Marco